Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

Here is a list of our family of terminal blocks. We have terminal blocks for all your needs. The 

physical strength, resiliency, ease and versatility of fabrication, and excellent electrical properties make phenolic laminates useful in electrical applications. Glass-based grades have the highest dimensional stability and mechanical strength, as well as low moisture absorption.


  • Phenolic Resin (G-3)
    • This material is made from woven glass cloth and high-temperature phenolic resin. It has excellent flexural, compressive and impact strengths and is capable of continuous operation over 350'F (175'C)
  • Melanine Resin (G-9 & G-5)
    • These materials are very hard, flame resistant, and have excellent elecrical properties. G-5 and G-9 have high arc and heat resistance. G-9 is recommended for humid enviornments.
  • Silicon Resin (G-7)
    • This glass-silicon laminate has good electrical properties under humid conditions, excellent heat and arc resistance, and is self-extenguishing.  They are used for electrical grad insulation, and for heating and appliance insulation.
  • Epoxy Resin (G-10 & G-11)
    • These glass-epoxy laminates are specified for their extremely high strength and high dimensional stability over temperature. They are commonly found in use as terminal bords, high humidity applications, elecrical and electronic test equipment and electric rotor insulation. G-10 is slightly stronger than G-11but G-11 is a better insulator and can withstand higher temperatures.
  • Porcelain


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